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ORGAMIN DA effected increase of Oil Palm Production

From May, 2016, ORGAMIN DA spray test is being run in Sarawak, Malaysia.

ORGAMIN DA was splayed to palm trees, targeted to leaves, using knapsack type mist sprayer, at rate of 1.0 Liter per Ha. ORGAMIN DA spray was repeated every month.

Palm trees planted at very similar land conditions were separated to a block of 119 trees(=0.88Ha) for non-treated control and to 181 trees(1.33Ha) for ORGAMIN DA treatment.

Until the first harvest of December 2017, accumulated yield of FFB(palm fruits clusters) at ORGAMIN DA treated area reached to 47.57 MT/Ha against non-treated control area at 34.2 MT/Ha that means ORGAMIN DA treatment effected 39.2 % increase.20180123151959314_0001


About Cost-performance:

End users’ price of ORGAMIN DA may vary by place to place of the World. But, it ranges from US$ 20.0 at to 25.0 per liter, at maximum. So, the material cost of ORGAMIN DA is possible to be US$ 20.0 to 30.0 per Ha for one spray. Round-year monthly spray material cost would be US$ 240.00 to 360.00 per Ha. What the ORGAMIN DA user will gain from this operation?

What means, increased yield of oil palm fruits cluster in the field at about 40%? If it is constant increased harvest, as you see at above test report, no more cut down of the trees of tropical rain forest, don’t you agree?

What were observed in the fruits farms where ORGAMIN DA was used


  1. Sun burn damage was widely observed on Fuji of in Aomori but, ORGAMIN DA-treated Apple trees did not show such kind of damages. – Itayanagi, Aomori
  2.  Bitter pit did not appear where ORGAMIN DA was tested. -Itayanagi, Aomori
  3. A plot of 5 Fuji trees, usually has produced50 boxes to where ORGAMIN DA was sprayed 8 times this year, has produced 80 boxes. -Itayanagi, Aomori
  4. Some apple of ver. Shinano gold has shown 20 degree of Brix. -Fujisaki, Aomori
  5. The farm where ORGAMIN DA was used for first time in 2015, have recorded 2500 boxes, what is extra ordinal 25 % increased production. This year, reduction of production was expected but, this year also has produced almost same 2500 boxes. Sannohe-Aomori
  6. After changing main fertilizer to organic, the incidence of canker disease have decreased However, after starting use of ORGAMIN DA to all area of the farm, canker disease steeply fade-out. Fujisaki-Aomori
  7. After 4 years continuous spray, a type of branch-rot disease symptom disappeared. So, this year, normal harvest from once-nearly-dead gross branch. -Fujisaki, Aomori
  8. A farm that has continuously used ORGAMIN DA for 5 years, no more bi-yearly oscillation of production that is usually observed due to change of nutrition balance. Even the next year of super-fruits-carried year, the production was normal. -Chikuma, Nagano
  9. A late frost of this year gave certain level of damage to flowers but, remained flower recovered and gave good fruiting and harvest. -Chikuma, Nagano
  10. A user of 2nd year observed that weakened apple trees gave good shape and sized fruits were harvested. –Nagano, Nagano