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Increase of yield:

In most of the crops at tropical to temperate climate region show increase of yield ver commonly.
Such crops are apple, grape, peach, pear, coffee, Irish potato, tomato, cucumber, egg plant, rice wheat, soybean, sugar-cane, pine apple, melons, cotton etc.

Improvement of Quality:

Increase of sugar content: Apple, peach, tomato, grape, strawberry, persimmon, tangelin orange etc.
Long-lasting freshness: Pear, egg plant, water melon, tomato, cut flowers;, Size-up: Apple, peach, pear, tomato, Chinese cabbage, persimonetc.

Flower inducing and larger flowers:

Mango, roses, melon, nitrogen-rich strawberry, citrus, apple,

Create resistance power of crops to diseases:

Phytophfthora disease of Irish potato, virus disease of Irish potato, tomato and water melon, powdery mildew of strawberry, cucumber and of other melons, onion diseases, lettuce bacteria soft rot, banana sigatoka disease etc.

Create resistance power of crops to extra high and law temperature and soil humidity:

Egg plant, peach, water melon and other vegetables,

Root system improvement:

All crops.

Create less condition of leaf mites population increase on crops:

Cotton, strawberry, peach etc.

Uniform maturation and harvest of crops like cabbage, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, carrot and many fruits.

Reduce costs of fungicides:

Reduce loss of crops for off-spec:

Longer harvest period:

Tomato, cucumber, egg plant.